Kadence Review (2024): Is It The Best WordPress Theme?

In this Kadence review we will look at the Kadence Theme, a creation engineered by the skilled team at Kadence WP, stands out in 2024 as an exceptional WordPress theme. Helmed by Ben Ritner, a figure with a decade’s expertise in the WordPress arena, the Kadence Theme is coded to be svelte and SEO-optimized. Such qualities ensure swift website loading and favorable search engine rankings.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
The best WordPress investment you will ever make!
Sophia Riley
Top Affiliate Blogger

Integration is another key advantage, with seamless compatibility across foremost page builders like Elementor, further enriched by specialized WooCommerce support for those aspiring to establish an online storefront.

To exploit this theme’s maximum speed, the recommendation is to employ Kadence Blocks, eschewing third-party builders in favor of this congenial Gutenberg add-on—enhancing the native WordPress editor.

Those opting for the ultimate toolkit can acquire Kadence Theme Pro alongside Kadence Blocks Pro within the advantageous Kadence Bundle.

Here’s a succinct glance at what Kadence Theme offers:

  • Speed: Exceptional performance that surpasses peers like Astra and GeneratePress.
  • Ease of Use: Novice-friendly with an intuitive customizer interface.
  • Features: A bounty of options ensuring substantial value for investment.
  • Pricing: An inclusive range of bundles catering to various budgetary confines.
  • Support: Robust customer service complemented by a robust community on social platforms.
  • Blocks: Kadence Blocks amplifies Gutenberg, delivering a page-builder caliber experience.

Metrics of Kadence Theme:

Ease of Use5/5

Cumulative Rating: 4.9 / 5

Kadence Theme Pros

  • Fast Loading: Offers speedy page load times.
  • Customization: Provides abundant personalization features.
  • Code Quality: Utilizes lightweight and SEO-optimized coding.
  • User-Friendly: Simple for novices to adopt and utilize.
  • Gutenberg Focus: Includes specialized blocks for Gutenberg.
  • Page Builder Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various page builders.
  • WooCommerce Enhanced: Brings additional features for WooCommerce stores.
  • Community Support: Benefits from a robust online community.
  • Reliable Help: Ensures access to superior support resources.

Kadence Theme Cons

  • Pricing: Packages might seem expensive to some users, with the starting rate at $59 annually.
  • Knowledge Base: Certain areas lack comprehensive guidance, making it difficult for users to find specific information they need.

Is Kadence a Good Theme?

Kadence emulates a high level of performance, often surpassing many premium WordPress themes. It is distinctive in delivering a range of features without charging a premium, positioning it favorably among competitors like Astra and GeneratePress.

Why Kadence Stands Out:

  • Fast Loading: Boasts a lightweight structure that contributes to quicker page load times—a plus for SEO and user satisfaction.
  • Gutenberg Integration: Works seamlessly with WordPress’s Gutenberg editor, enhancing the user experience for content creation.
  • Ease of Customization: The theme is designed with an intuitive customizer interface, simplifying the process for beginners to quickly set up a blog.
  • Advanced Features: Despite being free, it includes advanced functionality often reserved for paid themes, such as:
    • Header and footer builders
    • Sticky and transparent headers
    • Scroll-to-top buttons
    • SVG social icons

These are supported by Kadence Blocks, which extends Gutenberg’s capabilities, mirroring page builder features while maintaining a fast site performance.

The theme’s approach to design and functionality provides content creators with more time for content production rather than site development hassles. Its compatibility with various plugins and tools further cements its value.

As people shift towards Gutenberg’s block editor, Kadence paves the way to a more efficient workflow. Its tight integration with Gutenberg and its own extension plugin, Kadence Blocks, contribute to a streamlined page-building experience. This obviates the need for traditional, often bloat-inducing, page builders.

Kadence is not just a strong contender when stacked against other free offerings but also holds its ground robustly against many paid themes. It lends users a powerful combination of speed, ease, and extensive features without any financial outlay.

Kadence cuts through the noise of WordPress theme selection with its balance of agility and a rich feature set. It continually attracts users seeking a high-performance, user-friendly, and cost-effective WordPress theme solution.

Evaluating Kadence Theme’s Efficiency

Performance Assessment: Kadence Theme’s Speed

Examining the Kadence Theme’s performance, it has been tested on Google PageSpeed Insights, particularly focusing on mobile responsiveness. Mobile performance is crucial for passing the new Core Web Vitals introduced by Google which have become an integral part of the ranking algorithm. Test results on mobile devices have been impressive, where achieving high scores is more challenging. The Kadence Theme has demonstrated exceptional loading times, with metrics indicating a Largest Contentful Paint of 2.1 seconds and the absence of both Total Blocking Time and Cumulative Layout Shift, meeting the criteria for Core Web Vitals.

Enhancing these metrics involves several best practices:

  • Opting for fast and dependable hosting services
  • Selecting a streamlined and flexible WordPress theme such as Kadence Theme
  • Favoring the native WordPress editor over third-party page builders
  • Implementing an efficient caching solution

These practices contribute significantly to the theme’s remarkable loading speeds even when dealing with comprehensive landing pages that include various elements and imagery.

Implementing Google Fonts on Your Own Server

Google Fonts can be a source of latency issues for many websites. When conducting speed tests, they frequently appear as a critical factor that needs optimization. Hosting Google Fonts locally is the solution recommended for those prioritizing website speed. Kadence Theme streamlines this process by providing a feature that automates hosting Google Fonts locally, eliminating the need for additional plugins and complex configurations. This feature ensures that the utilization of Google Fonts does not detract from site performance.

Advantage of System Fonts

System fonts, or the default fonts pre-installed on operating systems, are known for their instant loading capability as seen on various high-speed websites. The Kadence Theme offers a typography option titled “System Default,” which employs these pre-installed fonts for the website. By using system fonts, the need for the browser to download font files is negated, thereby ensuring a swifter display of text and contributing to the overall speed of the site. Furthermore, this option provides access to a full range of nine font weights, along with their italicized versions, offering an expansive range of design possibilities without compromising site speed.

Key Attributes of the Free Kadence Theme

Drag and Drop Customization for Headers and Footers

The Kadence theme equips users with a user-friendly interface for crafting both headers and footers with a simple drag-and-drop tool. It includes the option for top, main, and bottom header rows, allowing flexible design options, all available without additional cost. The addition of social media icons and call-to-action (CTA) buttons is made straightforward through this system.

Unified Color Scheme Management

Kadence lets users establish a consistent brand aesthetic across their website by enabling them to select and manage a global color scheme. This system includes accent, contrast, and base color settings, giving users full control over their site’s palette without the repetition of pasting hex codes.

Streamlined Customizer for Intuitive Site Design

The theme’s customizer is organized to provide an intuitive experience, with logical placement of related features. It merges design elements such as background colors with structural components, like navigation settings, under one roof. This integration simplifies the design process and links changes to a global color palette, ensuring uniformity and ease of updates.

Built-in Social Icons Without Extra Plugins

Kadence sets itself apart by offering built-in SVG social icons, negating the need for additional plugins. This not only reduces the complexity of the setup but also improves website load times due to the lightweight nature of SVGs, aligning with modern trends of utilizing less bloat for performance gains.

Comprehensive Additional Functionalities

The theme boasts several additional features to enhance usability and aesthetic appeal. Among them are built-in options for related posts, seamless scrolling back to the top, and cohesive integration with Gutenberg and Kadence Blocks, maximizing the potential of the WordPress block editor for users.

Enhanced Features of Kadence Pro Theme

Upgraded Header Customization Tool

Kadence Pro Theme takes the header customization to a new level by enhancing the free version’s capabilities. Users who need intricate header designs, such as those for membership or e-commerce websites, will find the advanced tool beneficial. It allows for the addition of login dropdowns, custom HTML sections, additional buttons for call-to-action prompts, extra navigation menus, and search functionalities.

The Pro version enriches the header with elements such as:

  • User account icon with dropdown modal for login/logout
  • Expanded search functionality
  • Contact options
  • Additional widget areas for versatile content inclusion
  • More dividers and HTML blocks for custom design
  • Extra button styles
  • Multiple navigation levels for complex site layouts

These elements are especially useful for creating headers that cater to e-commerce sites. For instance, a custom WooCommerce site header can include a prominent cart icon, promoting efficient user access to checkout. The drag-and-drop builder ensures rapid deployment, with functional designs achievable in under ten minutes.

Strategic Placement with Element Hooks

Kadence Pro leverages ‘Element Hooks’ for precise content placement throughout a website. Hooks are designated areas in a theme that allow for the integration of custom code on specified pages or globally. For example, integration of Google Analytics code or an affiliate disclaimer can be achieved without the use of additional plugins, streamlining site performance and management.

Conditional logic plays a crucial role in the utility of hooks, ensuring content is displayed only where relevant. This allows users to automatically display certain messages or elements only on posts with specific tags, or on certain categories, reducing manual intervention and ensuring content consistency.

Dynamic Headers with Conditions

The Pro Theme introduces conditional headers, facilitating the display of different headers based on user interaction or page content. This feature is particularly impactful for sites that require variant headers for different user states, such as logged-in members vs. guests, or during specific stages of the purchase process on a WooCommerce site, such as checkout, to minimize distractions and maximize focus on the transaction.

Comprehensive Navigation and WooCommerce Support

A seamless navigation experience is key to retaining visitors, and Kadence Pro delivers by offering a Mega Menu feature. It enables the creation of multi-column dropdown menus that can incorporate text, images, and icons, making the navigation process intuitive and engaging. This is complemented by the WooCommerce Add-On which extends the functionality and control over WooCommerce elements within the site, offering opportunities for a more customized shopping experience.

Customizing a mega menu with Kadence Pro permits site owners to showcase categories, pages, and services with ease. Additionally, the WooCommerce extension allows for bespoke modifications to product listings and purchasing workflows, enriching the e-commerce capabilities of a website.

Personalized Sticky Header

For additional navigation convenience, Kadence Pro provides a sticky header feature. This keeps the header visible and accessible at the top of the page as users scroll, offering constant access to navigation and key elements like search bars and cart icons. Sticky headers are adjustable, ensuring their design and behavior align with the overall aesthetic and functional requirements of the site.

The combination of these advanced features makes Kadence Pro Theme a versatile and powerful choice for creating professional, feature-rich websites that cater to the diverse needs of various online ventures, particularly those emphasizing membership functionality or operating within the e-commerce space.

## Kadence Theme Pricing – How much does it cost?

When selecting the Kadence Theme, users have a range of available pricing options.

The core Kadence Theme is available at no cost and boasts a wealth of features typically reserved for premium themes in the WordPress market. However, for those seeking advanced capabilities, the Kadence Pro Theme addon is offered at an annual price of **$59**.

For individuals or businesses aiming for a more comprehensive toolset, Kadence provides bundled packages:

- **Essential Bundle**: This package is priced at **$149 annually** and encompasses the Pro versions of both the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks, in addition to a collection of professional-grade Starter Templates.

- **Full Bundle**: Priced at **$219 yearly**, this option augments the Essential Bundle with additional tools like Kadence Cloud, Child Theme Builder, and Kadence Shop Kit—a boon for WooCommerce users. Subscribers also gain future access to all upcoming themes and plugins from Kadence, including the anticipated Kadence Conversions.

- **Lifetime Full Bundle**: For a singular investment, this bundle imparts lifetime access to everything included in the Full Bundle. This one-time purchase is considered the most economical in the long run, providing continuous access to current and future Kadence offerings.

To access the Kadence Theme, users can visit the official Kadence Theme website or locate it within the WordPress theme repository.

Please note prices are subject to change and may differ from the current listing.

Conclusion – Assessing the Value of the Kadence Theme

When evaluating the Kadence Theme for WordPress, its distinction as a standout product becomes apparent. It edges above innumerable other free alternatives due to its combination of user-friendliness, an abundance of features at no extra cost, and its superior loading speed compared to similar themes such as Astra and GeneratePress.

Those looking to elevate their website experience significantly might find the Kadence Bundle to be an excellent investment. The bundle isn’t just about acquiring a premium theme; it’s a comprehensive toolkit that augments your website-building capabilities with advanced plugins, upcoming tools like Kadence Conversions, and access to future releases from Kadence.

The key offerings of the Kadence Theme and Bundle include:

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive design and operation.
  • Comprehensive Features: Robust free features akin to what is often seen in premium offerings.
  • Speed Optimization: Fast loading times crucial for SEO benefits.
  • Kadence Bundle: An all-in-one solution encompassing various themes and plugins.

In light of these considerations, Kadence proves to be more than just another theme—it’s a versatile, all-encompassing solution for web design needs that doesn’t sacrifice performance for features.

The question of whether one’s current theme surpasses the benefits brought by Kadence often comes down to a comparison of feature richness against site speed. With Kadence, the expectation of a trade-off between extensive functionality and swift performance is pleasantly unmet—users gain a robust suite of features while still fostering quick load times that Google’s algorithms favor.

In summary, for those prioritizing feature set completeness alongside optimal performance, the Kadence Theme merits attention.

Common Inquiries about Kadence WP Theme

Exploring the Essentials of Kadence WP Theme

Kadence WP Theme emerges as a versatile and user-friendly WordPress theme offered for free. It builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors, Virtue, Ascend, and Pinnacle, providing a modern, enhanced experience.

Mobile Optimization of Kadence WP Theme

Kadence WP Theme excels in mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless display across various devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Elementor Page Builder Compatibility with Kadence WP Theme

Kadence WP Theme boasts full compatibility with Elementor and other prominent page builder plugins. It enhances the user experience by enabling consistent color scheme synchronization across both the theme and Elementor.

Advantages of Kadence WP Theme for WooCommerce Stores

For e-commerce websites utilizing WooCommerce, Kadence WP Theme offers exceptional support. It includes additional customization features for the WooCommerce platform at no extra cost, with even more advanced options available through the Kadence Shop Kit.

Mobile ResponsivenessFully optimized for all screen sizes
Page Builder CompatibilityWorks seamlessly with Elementor and other page builders
WooCommerce ReadinessProvides specialized features and enhancements for shops
User Support and ExperienceExceptional user support for theme setup and customization

Join the community of WordPress enthusiasts and business owners who are committed to building efficient and robust WordPress websites.

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