Elementor Free vs Pro: Which one Do you need

Elementor is a potent WordPress plugin that allows you to design websites with ease. Elementor Free grants you access to numerous widgets, templates, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to tailor your pages and posts. It’s a solid choice if you’re venturing into web design and need a straightforward toolkit without financial commitment.

On the flip side, Elementor Pro expands on the free version’s offerings with a comprehensive suite of tools that elevate your website’s functionality and aesthetics. The upgrade to Pro includes advanced widgets, theme builder capabilities, and full access to the template library, enhancing your ability to craft a more engaging and professional online presence.

Here are some key differences:

  • Widgets & Features: Pro version unlocks exclusive widgets and features such as forms, sliders, and global widgets.
  • Templates & Blocks: Access to the full range of Pro template kits and blocks.
  • Theme Builder: Customize your site’s header, footer, and other dynamic content areas with Pro.
  • WooCommerce Builder: If running an eCommerce site, Pro offers widgets tailored for WooCommerce.
  • Support & Updates: Elementor Pro users benefit from premium support and regular feature updates.

When considering an upgrade, pricing is a critical factor. While the free version costs nothing, Elementor Pro has a recurring fee, with the starting price usually around $49 per year for a single site license—prices rise with additional sites or if you need access to more advanced features.

Deciding whether to stick with the free version or invest in Elementor Pro depends on your specific website needs and your proficiency with WordPress.

Core Features Comparison

Elementor’s free and pro versions offer a wide range of capabilities tailored to suit different web development needs. Below, you’ll find a comparison of the core features, focusing on the tools and options available in each version.

Page Building Capabilities

Elementor Free provides a fundamental drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to create basic pages and layout designs. In contrast, Elementor Pro extends these capabilities, allowing you to build complex layouts with more advanced widgets.

Design and Styling

With Elementor Free, you have access to a solid collection of design options, including basic widgets and CSS styling. Elementor Pro steps this up significantly, offering additional styling capabilities like custom CSS, animated headlines, and custom fonts.

Responsive Editing

Both versions allow you to create responsive designs suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop. However, Elementor Pro delivers more precise tools and controls for fine-tuning the responsiveness of various elements on your pages.

Integration and Compatibility

Elementor Free works well with most WordPress plugins, but Elementor Pro offers deeper integration, especially with WooCommerce and marketing tools, enhancing the functionality of your site.

Templates and Blocks

You’ll find a range of templates and sections in the free version’s template library. Upgrading to Elementor Pro grants you access to pro templates and blocks that are more sophisticated and industry-specific.

Widgets and Addons

The basic version comes equipped with a decent selection of widgets for general use. Elementor Pro adds numerous extra widgets and addons, providing enhanced functionality for creating more dynamic pages.

Support and Documentation

While both versions offer support and access to documentation, Elementor Pro users benefit from premium support, which typically ensures faster response times and more in-depth assistance.

Plugin and WordPress Ecosystem

Elementor, being a WordPress plugin, maintains compatibility across the WordPress ecosystem in both free and pro versions. Pro users get additional benefits, such as exclusive updates and features tailored for seamless WordPress interaction.

Licensing and Usage

Elementor Free can be used on unlimited sites with basic features. With Elementor Pro, you’ll have access to a license that must be renewed annually, providing ongoing updates and premium features.

User Role Management

The Role Manager in Elementor Pro gives you control over user roles and what actions they can perform within the Elementor editor, a feature not available in the free version.

Custom Code and Development

Elementor Pro enables developers to add custom code, such as custom CSS or JavaScript, directly within the editor. Furthermore, it supports custom fields and custom post types, expanding possibilities beyond the free version’s offerings.

Elementor’s Theme Builder

Elementor’s Theme Builder is a powerful feature of Elementor Pro which allows you to customize headers, footers, single post types, and archive pages with ease. It also integrates dynamic content and delivers specialized tools for building WooCommerce online stores.

Header and Footer Design

With the Theme Builder, you can craft unique headers and footers for your website. You have the freedom to create visually appealing designs that are responsive across all devices. This functionality extends to customizing custom post types and incorporating dynamic content that updates automatically across your website.

Dynamic Content Integration

Your website can display dynamic content seamlessly using the Theme Builder. Essential for sites with content that frequently updates, this feature ensures elements like recent posts or custom fields are automatically incorporated into your pages.

Single and Archive Page Customization

The Elementor Theme Builder enables you to tailor the layout and design of your single post and archive pages. This area is significant for shaping the user experience as it controls how your content, such as blog posts and product lists, is presented. You can customize the 404 page as well, ensuring a consistent user experience even when visitors encounter a missing page.

WooCommerce Builder Capabilities

For those running an online store, the WooCommerce Builder feature within the Theme Builder is invaluable. It grants you control over the design of your product stock pages, cart, and checkout processes. This is key for enhancing the shopping experience and increasing conversions in your WooCommerce store.

Marketing and Conversion Tools

Elementor Pro offers advanced marketing and conversion tools designed to enhance your ability to engage and convert visitors. From sophisticated form builders to dynamic landing pages, you can leverage an array of features that are optimized for the creation and implementation of effective marketing strategies.

Form Builder and Submissions

Elementor Pro equips you with a powerful Form Builder that allows for the creation of diverse contact forms. You can manage form submissions directly through your website, streamlining the process of capturing leads and inquiries.

  • Form fields: Customize with various field types.
  • Actions after submit: Choose actions like email notifications.

Landing Pages and Popups

With Elementor Pro, you gain access to templates and tools to create high-converting landing pages. The Popup Builder enhances your ability to capture attention with modal popups, fullscreen overlays, and exit intent technology.

  • Responsive designs: Ensure your pages look great on any device.
  • Trigger settings: Control when and how your popups appear.

Call to Action Features

The Call to Action (CTA) features in Elementor Pro are built to drive conversions. Utilize buttons with attention-grabbing motion effects or mouse effects to prompt users to take action.

  • Animation tools: Apply effects to make your CTAs stand out.
  • Advanced styling: Craft engaging buttons that align with your brand.

Engagement Widgets

Increase on-site engagement with Elementor Pro’s wide range of widgets. From animated countdown widgets for urgency to slides and flip boxes for interactive content, and price tables or testimonial carousels to build trust and guide decision-making.

  • Interactive content: Intrigue visitors with hover animations and transitions.
  • Social proof: Showcase testimonials in a compelling carousel format.

Advanced Design Elements

Elementor Pro offers a wealth of advanced design elements that significantly enhance the capability and aesthetics of your website beyond the basic offerings. With an array of sophisticated tools and options at your disposal, you are empowered to create custom and interactive web pages tailored to your unique needs.

Theme and Page Layouts

Elementor Pro introduces an extensive Theme Builder which allows you to create custom themes and apply them across your website consistently. You have access to canvas layouts providing a blank slate for full-width designs without the constraints of your theme’s header or footer.

  • Canvas: Use Elementor’s canvas layout for a full-page custom design.
  • Theme Builder: Take control of your theme parts like headers, footers and archives.

Custom Widgets and Effects

With Elementor Pro, you gain over 50 additional premium widgets including the Animated Headline for eye-catching text and Flip Box for interactive information display.

  • Animated Headline: Draw attention with dynamic text effects.
  • Flip Box: Create engaging interactive boxes that flip on hover.
  • Motion Effects: Add scrolling and mouse effects to create a dynamic user experience.

Typography and Iconography

Your typography and iconography choices are essential for a coherent design. Elementor Pro provides access to Google Fonts and a wide range of icons for more sophisticated design flexibility.

  • Google Fonts: Integrate a variety of custom fonts.
  • Icons: Utilize numerous icons to complement your content and design.

Dynamic and Interactive Content

Elementor Pro enables you to create dynamic content through widgets like breadcrumbs and support for custom fields. Your website can dynamically display content based on user interaction or specific criteria.

  • Dynamic Content Support: Automatically display content like recent posts or user information.
  • Loop Builder: Create custom loops for listings or content grids.

Custom Fonts and Code

Craft your site with the exact look you desire by uploading custom fonts or implementing custom CSS. Additionally, Elementor Pro allows you to insert custom code snippets for unique functionality.

  • Custom Fonts: Import and use fonts beyond the built-in library.
  • Custom CSS & Code: Add your own styling or functionality with CSS or code blocks.

E-Commerce Features

When considering E-commerce capabilities, Elementor Pro offers a suite of features that can significantly enhance your online store’s functionality and customer experience.

Product Display and Customization

With Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce Builder, you’re able to fully customize your product pages. You can adjust product price displays, utilize WooCommerce widgets for added features, and create unique layouts that showcase your items effectively. Customization options also include widgets for product stock indicators, ensuring your customers have up-to-date information on item availability.

Sales and Promotion Tools

To help promote your products effectively, Elementor Pro includes tools like a countdown timer and sale badge widgets. These features can be crucial for running time-sensitive promotions or highlighting discount offers. Together, they work to create urgency and encourage purchases.

Checkout and Cart Enhancements

Improve your store’s checkout experience with Elementor Pro’s checkout and cart widgets. You can personalize the checkout process, offering a simplified and user-friendly interface, which can help reduce cart abandonment and enhance the overall purchase process.

My Account and Customer Management

Elementor Pro allows you to create a custom My Account page using the WooCommerce Builder, where customers can view their order history and manage their customer profiles. Coupled with third-party CRM integrations, you can keep track of customer interactions and manage relationships more effectively.

Professional Development and Collaboration

In the realm of website creation with WordPress, your ability to refine and personalize the user experience is quintessential. Elementor Pro takes that potential further, offering tools designed to fine-tune every detail suited to professional development and collaboration needs.

Theme and Plugin Development

With Elementor Pro, you gain access to the Theme Builder, which allows you to design and implement custom themes with ease. Your workflow is streamlined, thanks to the ability to create custom post types and custom fields, lending to bespoke solutions for complex projects. Elementor’s pro-level plugin development capabilities mean you can extend functionality without compromising on performance or security.

Client Collaboration and Management

A feature like Role Manager becomes instrumental when collaborating on projects. You can set permissions and manage access levels for each user, making client handoff and ongoing project management a controlled and secure process. This organization is crucial for maintaining branding consistency and upholding business standards.

Learning Management Systems

If you’re in the field of education and looking to build or manage Learning Management Systems (LMS), Elementor Pro offers a Course Builder. This tool enables the creation of educational content and courses that are both engaging and interactive, thereby enhancing the learning experience and providing value to your clients or students.

Business and Agency Tools

For businesses and agencies, Elementor Pro provides a suite of tools tailored for agency-level demand. From custom code injections that allow for unwavering customization to collaboration features facilitating teamwork, Elementor Pro equips you to tackle complex projects with precision. Your project management needs are met with tools that are both robust and intuitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementor’s Pro version unlocks advanced features and capabilities that are not available in the free version, offering you a comprehensive solution for building a professional website. Here’s what you need to know.

What features are unavailable in the free version of Elementor that are present in the Pro version?

Elementor Pro provides custom CSS for individual widgets, motion effects for dynamic page animation, and advanced marketing features like pop-ups and forms integrated with popular marketing tools.

Can you achieve professional website design using only the free version of Elementor?

While the free version of Elementor includes a drag-and-drop builder essential for creating a basic website, Elementor Pro offers enhanced design options and widgets that significantly elevate the ability to create a professional-looking design.

How does Elementor Pro compare to other premium page builder plugins like Divi?

Elementor Pro offers a user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. In comparison to Divi, many users find Elementor’s live editing features to be more intuitive and its template and widget selection more varied.

What are the ongoing costs for maintaining a website with Elementor Pro?

The upkeep of a website with Elementor Pro includes an annual subscription fee for continued support, updates, and access to advanced features. Depending on the plan, additional costs may include hosting, domain renewal, and additional plugins or services.

How does the performance of a website built with Elementor Free differ from one built with Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro often yields better performance due to its professional tools for optimization. However, the performance will largely depend on your specific design choices and the additional plugins you employ.

Are there any limitations on the number of websites you can build with the free version of Elementor compared to the Pro version?

The free version of Elementor can be used on an unlimited number of sites, while Elementor Pro’s different plans limit the number of site activations you can have, with more activations available on higher-tier plans.

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