Elegant Themes Review: Unbiased Insights and Expert Analysis

Elegant Themes has evolved into a respected provider renowned for its community-centric approach, it offers exceptional WordPress products essential for constructing an engaging WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Global Expertise: A diverse team from over 20 countries delivers top-quality themes and plugins.
  • Premium Themes: Offers two acclaimed themes, Divi and Extra, focused on quality and versatility.
  • Essential Plugins: Enhances websites with three essential plugins: Monarch for social sharing, Bloom for email opt-ins, and the Divi Builder for easy page building.
  • Affordable Pricing: Subscription available at $89/year or a one-time $249 fee for lifetime access.
  • Risk-Free: 30-day money-back guarantee supports a confident purchase.
Top Choice

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

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Initially, the selection was broader, with about 87 themes. Now, the focus is on delivering excellence through a more refined catalog. Your website can benefit from their dedicated customer support, ensuring you realize your online goals effectively.

The commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality ensures that Elegant Themes remains a competitive choice in the thriving WordPress themes arena. Whether it’s enhancing functionality, designing aesthetics, or offering robust customer service – your needs are prioritized.

What’s Included?

  • Themes: Divi, Extra
  • Plugins: Divi Builder, Monarch, Bloom
  • Support: Access to high-quality customer assistance

By choosing Elegant Themes, you’re equipped with tools that empower you to build and grow your online presence, irrespective of your objective. Whether you’re embarking on a blog, business site, or creative project, you’re supported throughout your journey.

If ready to step into the world of Elegant Themes, consider using a coupon to enjoy a 10% discount on starting your website adventure today.

Theme Features

With Divi and Extra, you gain access to a comprehensive array of functionalities designed for optimizing your WordPress site:

  • Settings for General Use: Modify color palettes and font choices. Manage your website’s overall appearance, highlight important articles, and integrate social media icons easily.
  • Menu Customization: Effortlessly configure your site’s dropdown menus and navigation links, with options to exclude certain pages from being displayed in your navigation bar.
  • Content Building Preferences: Toggle the Divi Builder on or off for various content types like posts, pages, or projects.
  • Design Configuration: Decide how thumbnails, comments, and post information will be displayed on your site.
  • Advertisement Management: Besides arranging banner ads, you can also embed Google AdSense directly into your site.
  • Optimization for Search Engines: Improve your search rankings with tailored SEO controls for different parts of your site, ensuring compatibility with widely-used SEO tools.
  • Script Integration: Inject custom third-party scripts, like Google Analytics, without directly editing your theme’s files to keep track of user engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Automatic Updates: Enter your API key from Elegant Themes to seamlessly update your theme, ensuring you’re always using the latest features without interruption.

Divi and Extra offer a robust platform for users to craft unique sites through a dynamic and intuitive interface, providing granular control over design and functionality elements across your web presence.

Themes: Overview of Divi and Extra

Divi Insight

The Divi theme emerged as a transformative tool for creating websites when it unveiled in 2013. As the flagship product of Elegant Themes, it quickly became a cornerstone for users who aim to design a diverse array of websites without delving deep into coding.

It’s an all-encompassing theme – flexible for starting a blog, launching an online storefront, or managing a virtual enterprise. Divi distinguishes itself as a premier solution among multipurpose themes, offering an expansive selection of design modules and customization options.

One of the most impactful features of Divi is the Divi Builder, a drag-and-drop system that radically simplifies website construction. Whether you are looking to meticulously edit rows and columns or prefer tweaking your website’s visual elements, Divi Builder empowers you to shape your online presence to perfection, with no code insight needed.

Specialized Elements and Customization

  • Interactive Features: Bring life to your pages with dynamic hover effects.
  • Aesthetic Detailing: Incorporate text shadows, manage colors, and establish visual hierarchy.
  • Font Flexibility: Over hundreds of seamless font options and customizations.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensures your website looks flawless on all devices.
  • User-Driven Animations: Capture attention with animations that respond to visitor interactions.

Design Efficiency
With Divi, selecting from over a hundred thoughtfully crafted layout packs streamlines the design process, allowing you to apply niche-relevant templates to your website. Further fine-tune your design with inline editing capabilities right from the front end, previewing changes as they happen.

Full-Scale Theme Customization
Divi 4.0 introduced an evolution in theme building. Now, you’re no longer restricted to post and page designs. Customize every aspect of your website’s visual identity — from headers and footers to templates for blog posts and archive pages — with Divi’s comprehensive visual builders.

Marketing Integration
Your marketing strategy can grow in tandem with your website’s development. Divi supports this with built-in tools for email list expansion and a split testing system to sharpen your online engagement tactics.

Extra Theme Insight

Subsequent to Divi, the Extra theme arrived, widening the scope of what Elegant Themes offers. Extra excels as a magazine theme, extending the intuitive web design capabilities of the Divi Builder plugin to content-focused websites and helping craft a captivating reading experience.

If your website thrives on engaging, rich content, Extra’s capabilities are tailored to your needs. This theme integrates a review system and category tabs, facilitating both feedback and navigational ease.

Exclusive Content Modules

  • Ability to organize posts in distinct, sorted lists for accessibility.
  • Integration of carousel and slider images to complement your articles.
  • Implementation of strategic spaces for advertisements to generate revenue.

eCommerce Readiness with WooCommerce
Monetizing your content hub can be as seamless as content creation with Extra’s seamless WooCommerce integration, allowing for an alluring display of products along with essential eCommerce functionalities.

Exclusive Features in Extra

  • Advanced Mega Menus: Superior navigation for expansive content sites.
  • Adhesive Headers: Keep critical navigation accessible with sticky headers.
  • Post Types Tailored to Portfolios: Showcase your professional highlights with specially crafted post types, exclusive to the Extra theme.

In essence, both Divi and Extra cater to a vast spectrum of web design needs, from business sites to blogs and magazines, supporting you with robust, content-rich website creation tools. Each theme unfolds a suite of novel features and design capabilities, simplifying the journey from conception to a fully-fledged, responsive website.

Enhancements for Elegant Themes

Social Sharing Enhancement: Monarch

Enhance your website’s social sharing capabilities with Monarch, an extension that empowers you to strategically place social share buttons in various locations of your site. Offering a choice of over 20 social platforms, this plugin allows you to tailor social share triggers to engage users effectively. Monarch provides a highly customizable experience, offering different button shapes, hover effects, and social counts that align with your brand aesthetics. Its dashboard grants easy management of these features and access to insightful sharing statistics.

Email List Building Tool: Bloom

Bloom stands out as an advanced tool designed to expand your email subscriber base, enabling continued engagement with your audience. This plugin offers a myriad of opt-in form types, including popups and inline forms, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience while maximizing subscription opportunities. Bloom is compatible with a range of prominent email services and comes with pre-built templates that greatly simplify form creation. This tool also includes thorough A/B testing and statistical insights to refine your strategies.

Visual Page Editor: Divi Builder

Divi Builder revolutionizes the way you create pages on your WordPress site. This intuitive plugin offers a visual drag-and-drop editor that eliminates the need for coding skills. Packed with over 40 customizable content modules, the Divi Builder facilitates the design of a unique website with ease. Key features include effortless content module adjustments, built-in split testing, and the ability to save custom designs for future use. The latest innovation with Divi 4.0 is the theme building capability, granting you complete creative control over your site’s design.

Enhanced Assistance and Regular Improvements

Timely Theme and Plugin Enhancements

  • Consistent compatibility with the newest WordPress versions.
  • Frequent enhancements for increased security and advanced features.

Reliable Customer Assistance

  • 24/7 access to live chat support, available to all users.
  • Exclusive member dashboard for easy management of products and accounts.

Resourceful Online Communities

  • A supportive Community Forum and extensive Developer Documentation.
  • Detailed Elegant Themes Documentation available for in-depth guidance.

Connect with Peers

  • Opportunity to join over 63,000 members in the Divi Users Facebook group.
  • Participation in worldwide Divi Meetups offering collaborative experiences.

Stay Informed and Skilled

  • Regular, informative updates on the Elegant Themes blog.
  • Educational content to help advance your understanding and usage of Elegant Themes products.

Elegant Themes Pricing

Elegant Themes offers two distinct membership options tailored to your needs:

  • Annual Subscription
    • Cost: $89/year
    • Inclusions:
      • Full access to all themes including Divi and Extra
      • Premium plugins like Bloom and Monarch
      • A suite of website packs
      • Regular product updates and customer support
      • Unlimited website usage for personal and client projects
  • One-Time Payment Membership
    • Cost: $249
    • Inclusions:
      • Lifetime access to all premium themes
      • Permanent access to plugins
      • Comprehensive website packs
      • Ongoing updates and support for life
      • No restrictions on the number of websites, ideal for developers handling multiple client sites

Each subscription plan allows the use of digital products across numerous websites, a feature that significantly sets them apart from competitors who may require separate licenses for client sites.

Additionally, your investment is safeguarded by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with your membership, a full refund is available, ensuring your decision is risk-free.

Explore what Elegant Themes has to offer and select the plan that aligns with your web design aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elegant Themes

Value Proposition

Elegant Themes stands out by offering a comprehensive package deal. A single payment grants you access to two unique themes along with three vital plugins. This contrasts with the industry standard where around $60 would typically net you a single theme only. At an access fee of $89, Elegant Themes provides considerable savings, especially considering the package can be used across unlimited sites.

Founding and Ownership

Initially brought to life by Nick Roach in 2008, Elegant Themes benefits from his continued leadership as CEO. Roach’s initial vision has since expanded to a global team exceeding 100 members.

Top Theme Offerings

While Elegant Themes previously offered numerous themes, they currently specialize in two: Divi and Extra. Among these, Divi has garnered substantial popularity, earning a reputation as a versatile and powerful choice for website creation.

The Bloom Plugin

Included in the Elegant Themes package, Bloom is a plugin designed to enhance your email marketing efforts with its effective opt-in forms and popups. Discover the functionalities of Bloom and how it can elevate your website’s lead generation in the comprehensive review.

Pricing Structure

The cost of Elegant Themes is structured into two main tiers: $89 for annual access, and a one-off $249 fee for lifetime access. Each option provides complete access to all themes and plugins offered. Save 10% with an available discount when you subscribe to Elegant Themes.

Use on Multiple Sites

Your Elegant Themes membership unlocks the potential to utilize the themes and plugins on an unlimited number of personal and client websites, without any restrictions.

Licensing Terms

The company’s licensing terms are generous, permitting the use of their products on both personal and commercial (client) sites.

Changing Pricing Plans

Flexibility is key with Elegant Themes; should you wish to convert your annual access to a lifetime subscription, it’s straightforward. You can easily pay the difference via your dashboard, provided your annual membership is active.

Money-Back Assurance

Opting for Elegant Themes comes with a risk-free guarantee. Should you find their offerings unsatisfactory, they provide a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy.

Divi’s Dual Nature

Divi exists both as a theme and a plugin. Typically, when referring to Divi, it’s the theme version that’s implied. This theme incorporates the Divi Builder, renowned for its drag-and-drop design capabilities, while the Divi Builder plugin can be paired with any WordPress theme.

Compatibility with WordPress.com

The full suite of Elegant Themes is compatible with the higher-tier WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plans, but not with the free or more economical plan options.

Remember, investing in Elegant Themes means equipping yourself with powerful coding and design tools, such as the Divi theme and the Bloom plugin, all backed by numerous positive customer reviews. Engage confidently with Elegant Themes to elevate your web design and development capabilities.

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