Best WordPress Affiliate themes for beginners

In 2024, there are a host of WordPress themes available that cater specifically to the needs of affiliate marketers. These themes offer a variety of features such as visually appealing layouts, easy-to-use page builders, built-in SEO tools, and specialized modules for presenting products and services compellingly. With the right theme, affiliate marketers can create websites that not only attract and engage visitors but also seamlessly integrate affiliate marketing strategies to maximize revenue.


best wordpress affiliate themes

Thrive Theme

Our #1 Pick for Affiliate Websites. Regardless of if you are a pro or beginner

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best wordpress affiliate themes


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best wordpress affiliate themes

Elegant Themes

This is a fan favorite and one of the most timeless and popular theme builders for affiliates. Their most famous theme is Divi.

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Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial for affiliate marketing success.
  • Themes should offer appealing layouts, easy navigation, and optimize affiliate links.
  • Affiliate marketers benefit from features like page builders and specialized modules for promoting products.

The effectiveness of affiliate marketing depends significantly on the website’s layout, design, and functionality. The following WordPress themes are tailored to meet the needs of affiliate marketers, focusing on price and ease of use.

ThriveThemes : Top Theme Recommendation for Beginner Affiliates

best wordpress affiliate themes

ThriveThemes offers a suite of conversion-focused WordPress themes. These themes are known for their emphasis on marketing and business growth. The pricing is subscription-based, with plans starting from around $19/month, billed annually. Users appreciate the themes for their ease of use and built-in marketing tools.

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Elegant Themes

best wordpress affiliate themes

Elegant Themes is praised for its flagship theme, Divi, which provides versatility and a powerful visual builder. The pricing model is membership-based with access to all themes, starting at $89/year or a one-time fee of $249. Their themes stand out for ease of customization without requiring coding knowledge.

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Superb themes

best wordpress affiliate themes

Superb Themes come with a variety of WordPress themes that are simple to set up, making them a practical option for affiliate marketers. They offer both free and premium versions, with the premium starting at $69 per theme. User-friendliness is a key feature of Superb Themes, catering to those who prefer intuitive design options.

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best wordpress affiliate themes

KadenceWP illustrates a balance between design freedom and ease of use. They offer a free version and a pro version, which starts at $59/year for a single theme. It’s geared towards non-coders with its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.

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Astra theme review

Astra is known for being a fast and highly customizable theme, perfect for any affiliate marketing website. It offers a free version and a pro version starting at $49/year. It scores high on ease of use, thanks to a variety of pre-built demos that can be imported to jumpstart the site design process.

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divi theme review

Part of the Elegant Themes package, Divi is renowned for its visual drag-and-drop builder, enabling ease of design for affiliate marketers without coding skills. Divi is available through the Elegant Themes membership, with its accessible pricing and ease of use making it a popular choice.

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Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework provides a secure and search-engine-optimized foundation for WordPress websites. Themes built on this framework are available in a range of prices, often starting around $129.99 for a theme and the framework. Its child themes are preferred for their cleanliness and ease of setup.

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Rehub theme review

Rehub is specifically designed for affiliate marketing, with a focus on creating deal sites, comparison sites, and multi-vendor marketplaces. The theme can be purchased for around $59, providing good value with comprehensive features and an easy-to-use interface for entrepreneurs.

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newspaper theme review

Newspaper theme is optimal for content-heavy sites, offering elegant display of articles and products. The theme is available for purchase at around $59 and is appreciated for its tagDiv Composer, making it easy to design articles and product pages without any coding.

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blabber theme review

Blabber offers an appealing choice for affiliate marketing bloggers and online magazine sites with a selection of 25+ website demos. The theme pricing stands at about $59, and it is celebrated for the diversity of demos, simplifying the site design process.

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Key Features for Affiliate Marketers

Selecting the right WordPress theme is critical for affiliate marketers as it influences their website’s visibility on search engines, load times, and user engagement. These key features are tailored to enhance the performance and effectiveness of affiliate marketing websites.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is essential for affiliate marketers because it helps ensure that their site ranks well on search engines like Google. A theme that is coded with SEO best practices in mind can greatly increase the visibility of their affiliate links. Features like clean code, proper use of meta tags, and schema markup are crucial for a theme to be considered SEO-friendly.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance directly influence user experience and search engine rankings. Affiliate marketers should choose themes that are optimized for fast loading times. Compressed images, lazy load features, and minimalistic design that prioritizes speed are important for keeping bounce rates low and maintaining user engagement.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design ensures that an affiliate marketer’s website is accessible and visually appealing across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility improves user experience and accessibility, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates as users can easily navigate and click on affiliate links regardless of their device.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Theme

The theme an affiliate marketer selects for their WordPress site can significantly impact their ability to attract and retain visitors, as well as efficiently manage content and promotions. It sets the foundation for a site’s usability, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability to various plugins and integrations.

Easy to Use & Setup

Selecting a WordPress theme that is easy to use and set up is vital for affiliate marketers who need to launch their campaigns quickly and without technical difficulties. Themes with a straightforward setup process and intuitive options allow marketers to focus on their content rather than on navigating a complex website setup.

Compatibility and Integration

A theme’s compatibility with essential plugins and integrations extends a website’s functionality. The best WordPress themes are designed to work seamlessly with popular affiliate marketing tools and plugins, ensuring smooth operation and efficient management of affiliate links, tracking, and analytics.

Layout and Design

Layout and design are crucial for keeping visitors engaged. A WordPress theme should offer a clean, attractive layout that highlights affiliate products and simplifies navigation. This helps users find what they’re looking for and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Customization and Flexibility

High levels of customization and flexibility are imperative to refine a website’s appearance and functionality. A theme with a range of customizable options enables affiliates to tailor their sites to their branding needs, making adjustments to colors, fonts, and layout without the need for code.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate WordPress Themes

Selecting the ideal WordPress theme for an affiliate marketing site is essential for success. They should offer a streamlined design, incorporating text, fonts, and colors that support the brand and enhance readability. It’s recommended that themes include a filter system to help visitors easily navigate through product selections.

In summary, when choosing a WordPress theme for affiliate sites, look for:

  • Customizable design with appealing text, fonts, and colors.
  • An intuitive filter system for product navigation.
  • Compatibility with reliable web hosting services.
  • Product showcasing features to highlight affiliate items.
  • An accessible theme options panel for easy customizations.

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