WPX Hosting Review (2024): Discount + Honest Opinion

Choosing the right hosting provider can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re aiming to kick off your blog on a strong note. You need a platform that’s swift, straightforward, and forgiving of beginners’ mistakes.

WPX hosting review: The experience of setting up a blog with WPX speaks for itself, with the quick load times reflecting WPX’s infrastructure.

Offering round-the-clock customer support, an impressive 99.95% uptime, and essentials like automated backups and robust security measures, WPX could be a wise investment.

It’s not just about paying for a hosting service; it’s about investing in a hassle-free setup and steady performance. Especially if you’re diving into the world of e-commerce, WPX’s specific plans are designed to meet the demands of an online store with numerous products.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve been with WPXHosting for about 5 years for all my websites. Not only are they blazing fast and reasonably priced, but the 24/7 live chat support is amazing. They’ve helped me with very technical questions many times, including times when I’ve messed up and temporarily bricked a website. Highly recommended.

wpx hosting review: Key Takeaways

  • WPX hosting is the best hosting for WordPress bloggers. It’s fast, user-friendly, and offers excellent 24/7 support. You’ll enjoy a reliable 99.95% uptime and essential features like backups and security. Choose WPX for more than just hosting; get peace of mind and strong performance at a fantastic price!
  • The hosting service includes essential features geared towards both beginners and e-commerce websites.
  • WPX Hosting stands out for its combination of user-friendly operations and specialized plans for various needs.

Evaluating WordPress Hosting Essentials

When selecting a WordPress hosting service, consider these key factors:

  • Speed: A critical determinant for both search engine rankings and user satisfaction. Website load time directly impacts visitor retention.
  • Affordability: Budgets vary, particularly for emerging bloggers. Opt for a hosting solution that balances cost without compromising speed or security.
  • Customer Support: Access to swift and competent customer assistance is crucial for problem resolution.

Additional considerations include routine WordPress backups, complimentary SSL certificates, business email services, and robust security features. Your hosting choice should meet these benchmarks to support your online presence effectively.

Results I Am Getting with WPX Hosting

Your experience with WPX Hosting’s $24.99 monthly package may yield notable performance improvements for your blog. Initially, users often observe a page speed score around 99, signaling swift load times. Even after integrating numerous plugins and tailoring your site with customizations, it’s common to maintain an impressive speed score in the 90-91 range.

Consider the following features included in the WPX Hosting plan:

  • Daily automatic backups: Safeguard your content with automatic copy creation.
  • Free staging environments: Test updates and changes without affecting your live site.
  • Fix-For-You guarantee: Assistance is at hand for any technical issues you encounter.
  • Mobile speed score: A strong mobile speed score of 91 keeps your site competitive.
  • Free SSL certificates: Secure your site and user data at no additional cost.
  • Complimentary malware removal: Stay protected against online threats.

Additionally, the plan provides you with a professional custom email address, enhancing your credibility, especially when reaching out for guest post opportunities.

With these tools and services, you can refine your website’s functionality and design with peace of mind.

WPX Hosting Capabilities

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating WPX Hosting is straightforward. You’ll find that you can typically accomplish tasks within one or two clicks. When you want to install WordPress, it takes just a click to get started. Furthermore, creating a staging site for development or wanting to secure your site with SSL is handled with ease – again a simple one-click process directly from the dashboard. There’s even a streamlined file panel for FTP operations available right within WPX’s custom dashboard, negating the need for any additional FTP clients.

Responsive Customer Service

When you need assistance, WPX Hosting’s support staff is not only swift to respond but also highly adept at providing solutions. Whether you’re starting out and require some additional technical help or you’re seasoned but facing a tricky issue, the support team is poised to aid you promptly, touting an impressive average response time of just 23 seconds. The “Fixed For You” guarantee ensures that in case your website encounters issues, it gets rectified promptly without additional costs, albeit some limitations apply like UI changes or certain optimizations.

Accelerated Website Loading Speed

WPX Hosting prides itself on fast loading times for websites. Independent tests corroborate their claim to speedy WordPress hosting, with high performance scores from various speed testing tools. WPX also provides a complimentary professional speed optimization service, aiming to significantly boost your site speed.

Advanced Caching with WPX XDN

The WPX proprietary CDN, known as WPX XDN, utilizes global coverage including 26 delivery locations to enhance caching and consistently maintain high speeds worldwide. They recommend using W3 Total Cache plugin to optimize your website’s potential fully with their service.

Complimentary Security Measures

SSL certificates are provided unlimitedly and at no cost. Your site is backed up daily, and in the case of the unexpected, WPX guarantees to restore your website at no charge. Furthermore, malware detection and removal services are also offered for free, setting them apart from some services that may charge notably for the same offering.

No-Cost Website Transfer

WPX Hosting facilitates migration without any charges, handling the process for you efficiently. Should the need for expedited service arise, they do offer an express option at an additional cost.

Business Email Provisioned

You receive a complimentary business email account, enhancing the professionalism of your brand with an email that matches your domain. This service supports small-scale communication needs perfectly, though there are limits in place regarding the volume of emails sent within a designated time frame. As your business grows, you may consider upgrading to more robust email solutions.

WPX Hosting Plans and Costs

Selecting the Appropriate WPX Plan

Choosing the right WPX hosting option is based on the amount of bandwidth required for your website activities. Typically, the starter package is adequate for most users, as it allows hosting for up to five websites.

When considering which tier to choose, consider:

  • Estimated monthly visitor count
  • Visitor page views per session (usually 1 or 2 for easy calculations)
  • Typical size of your webpages (2 MB should suffice, but for accuracy, refer to a size checker tool)

For context, a 2 MB page, with 200,000 monthly visitors and an average of 3-page views per visitor might consume around 1 GB of bandwidth monthly.

Assessing WPX’s Cost-Efficiency

With promotional events such as Black Friday, you can secure WPX hosting services at significant discounts. An example would be paying around $24.99 for a three-month period, which breaks down to nearly $8 per month initially.

Consider WPX’s financial benefits:

  • Expedited website performance
  • Capacity to manage five separate websites
  • Strong defense against DDoS attacks
  • Complimentary malware removal services
  • No-cost website repairs if needed
  • Uninterrupted customer support available 24/7

Although WPX is not the cheapest compared to options like Bluehost, the services and speed on offer can justify the investment, especially when leveraging a single plan for multiple sites. Moreover, customers often gain access to exclusive partner deals on WPX special occasions, enhancing the overall value.

Feedback from WPX Users

WPX enjoys a high satisfaction rate among its customers, as demonstrated by its impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the review platform Trustpilot, based on over 2,700 reviews. The vast majority of these reviews are glowing, with a significant 96% giving a full five stars. Here’s a snapshot of what users appreciate:

  • Outstanding Support: Availability of round-the-clock live chat and ticketing for assistance.
  • Team Competence: The WPX team is noted for its professionalism and going the extra mile for clients.
  • Value for Money: Users find the balance between cost and feature set favorable.
  • Migration Ease: Transitioning from other hosts to WPX is reported to be seamless.
  • Dependable Uptime: They uphold a 99.95% uptime, instilling confidence in their service reliability.

WPX’s commitment to social welfare through initiatives such as their Every Dog Matters program has garnered positive attention from users who value corporate social responsibility.

Although there was an incident of network downtime owing to an issue with an upstream provider, WPX has since implemented further redundancies to mitigate such issues in the future and has proactively worked with affected customers regarding compensation.

Previously not the go-to choice for large e-commerce sites, WPX has adapted and now provides plans tailored for WooCommerce, thereby expanding their service offerings to a wider range of website owners.

Migrating or Setting Up Your WordPress on WPX

Simplified Support-Assisted Migration

We have professionals ready to expedite your setup process. Simply request assistance, and you’ll be guided swiftly through the migration or installation.

Take Charge with Manual Setup

  • Register and select a package suitable for your needs.
  • Utilize the comprehensive step-by-step guides with visuals to guide you.
  • For enabling WordPress Multisite, perform additional specific actions post-registration.

Acquiring Your Unique Domain

WPX facilitates domain registration, yet you might find economical options like namecheap.com. They often offer more affordable solutions.

  • Uncertain about choosing a domain? Experiment with Namecheap’s domain suggestion tool.
  • Concurrently, secure corresponding social media handles to protect your brand identity.

Alternatives to WPX: The Options I Passed On

When looking for a WordPress hosting provider that offers the most bang for your buck—not necessarily the lowest cost—I evaluated several services against WPX. Here’s why some didn’t make the cut for me:

  • Kinsta: While it boasts impressive speeds, the jump in price to $35/month made it less appealing for those conscious of their budget.
  • A2 Hosting: Offers a more attractive initial monthly fee of $17.99, but be wary of the steep climb to $23.99/mo at renewal, which diminished its long-term value.
  • Bluehost: The initial offer might catch your eye at $2.95/mo, but a sudden 70% price hike upon renewal and disappointing site speed and support are significant detractions.

Additionally, it’s worth noting:

  • WP Engine: Geared towards enterprise-level customers, this managed WordPress hosting solution follows in Kinsta’s footsteps with its higher price point.
  • Cloudways: Could be a contender with potential cost-effectiveness, but it demands more technical involvement. Plus, expect to either face lackluster support or shell out extra cash for better service.

Here’s a rundown of what I considered:

FeatureWPXKinstaA2 HostingBluehost
Cost/mo (Starter Plan/12 Month Period)$20.83$35$17.99 ($23.99 upon renewal)$2.95 ($9.99 upon renewal)
Pingdom Load Test0.43s0.79s1.76s2.03s
Domain EmailYesNoNoNo
Auto BackupsYesYesNoNo
Sites SupportedUp to 5111
chart courtesy of nerdynav.com

For those prioritizing quick, friendly customer service and rapid site resolution, WPX’s offerings seem to surpass the minor benefits other providers might yield.

Final Thoughts

WPX hosting distinguishes itself as a standout choice for those seeking a swift and straightforward hosting solution. Renowned for its rapid performance, this shared hosting option impresses with speed according to various user examinations and critiques. Coupled with an exemplary customer support team that’s consistently ready to assist, WPX shows a commitment to user satisfaction that’s hard to overstate. Those without technical expertise, or anyone looking for an uncomplicated hosting experience, may find WPX to be a smart fit, balancing speed and simplicity against cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top-Tier WordPress Hosting Choices

When selecting WordPress hosting, especially for audiences across various geolocations such as the USA while managing the blog from India, it’s crucial to find a service that offers not just affordability but also exemplary performance. A provider like WPX stands out with its high-speed hosting abilities, enabled through their advanced content delivery network. They provide robust services including daily backups and a complimentary business email, enhancing your professional presence. Starting plans typically include hosting for multiple websites, paired with responsive customer support, website optimization, and malware removal services.

Reliability Track Record of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting boasts an impressive uptime guarantee of 99.95%. However, on rare occasions, unforeseen incidents may occur, such as the downtime experienced on August 2, 2021, which lasted for several hours due to issues with an upstream service provider. This emphasizes the importance of having a reliable hosting partner that has a solid plan in place to manage such unexpected events.

Inquiries from the Curious Reader

Many may wonder why one wouldn’t opt for more budget-friendly options like A2hosting or Bluehost. The answer lies in the performance and reliability that can make or break the success of a blog, especially when aiming for high search engine rankings to drive traffic. Compromising on hosting for a lower cost can be detrimental, potentially reducing readership due to slow load times or frequent downtime. Instead, investing in robust hosting like WPX, which has been recognized for its speed, creates a strong foundation for a blog’s potential to generate substantial income.

Comparing WPX Hosting with other prominent services like WP Engine reveals accessibility differences. WP Engine’s plans may not include bonuses like free initial months offered during WPX’s promotional periods. Additionally, WPX also provides complimentary business email services, further enhancing value for money especially for bloggers.

When weighing WPX against Kinsta, while Kinsta may have plans tailored more toward E-commerce or WooCommerce sites, WPX offers comparable speed and adds more websites per plan making it a strong contender for bloggers focusing on value.

Additional Considerations:
  • WPX Hosting Locations: Data centers situated in global hubs such as London, Chicago, and Sydney, with a widely distributed CDN.
  • Shared Hosting Clarified: WPX emphases a balanced shared hosting service, with a fair ratio of resources to users.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Services: WPX’s definition encapsulates a variety of support services including uptime maintenance, web security measures, malware cleanup, and daily site backups, along with business email functionality. This does not extend to SEO, content creation, or website design.
  • Understanding Shared Hosting: This is where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, sharing resources. This is generally adequate for most sites unless you have very high traffic volumes or run a resource-intensive online store, in which case dedicated hosting could be warranted.

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