Just start is a collection of action items to help you find what you love and just start down that path. Ideas are great, but actions mean more. Just start is created to help you achieve your goals faster. I have curated a list of How To topics based on the ideas that I am personally intuned with and love talking about.

How to build a website

  1. WordPress vs Squarespace
  2. WordPress vs Webflow
  3. Why WordPress is the best for making websites
  4. How to host your WordPress site
  5. How to build a website from start to finish without coding
  6. Best wordpress plugins
  7. Best wordpress builders
  8. Best WordPress Affiliate Themes

How to start an Airbnb

  1. Is starting an airbnb a good idea
  2. How much money can you make from an Airbnb vs rental
  3. How much money do you need to start an Airbnb
  4. What you need to know before starting an Airbnb
  5. How to setup and organize an Airbnb
  6. X tech items you need in your airbnb to save you $$$
  7. How we find help to manage our airbnb remotely
  8. X mistakes we made with our airbnb
  9. X lessons we learned while starting an airbnb business
  10. x quotes that changed my Airbnb business
  11. X tools You need for your Airbnb to not Fail
  12. 3 Airbnb trends you should not follow
  13. 8 reasons to start on airbnb today
  14. 5 examples of successful airbnb businesses you can copy

How to start a business

  1. How to find a business idea
  2. How to get your first 10 customers
  3. How to build your dream idea
  4. how to brand your business
  5. How to build your business website
  6. How to do your business SEO
  7. How to drive sales for your business
  8. How Hire someone to convert designs to code
  9. How to price your product or service
  10. How to setup a professional email
  11. How to buy a domain, setup DNS records and connect to your host
  12. How to set up a Google my business
  13. How to get leads for your business
  14. How to do marketing for your business
  15. How to do cold email for your business
  16. How to do cold calling for your business

How to travel on a budget

  1. Google flight tricks you didn’t know
  2. How to plan trips for cheaper rates
  3. X things ( flexible work, less responsibilities etc) you need to fly for cheap
  4. x travel sites you need to use
  5. Which hotel brand is the best
  6. How to become a hyatt globalist faster – promotions
  7. Benefits of becoming a hyatt globalist
  8. Which hotel loyalty program is the best (IHG, Hyatt, Marriot, Hilton)
  9. Hyatt room upgrade blueprint
  10. How to gain hyatt points
  11. How to fly qatar business class for free
  12. How to fly qatar first class for free
  13. Are mileage runs beneficial

How to hire freelancers

  1. How to hire quality but cheap freelancers
  2. 7 mistakes I made hiring freelancers
  3. 10 Lessons i learned from hiring freelancers
  4. 3 tools i use for hiring better freelancers
  5. 8 reasons why you need to hire freelancers today
  6. 7 examples of how hiring freelancers changed my business

How to achieve anything

  1. How to prepare yourself for guaranteed success
  2. How to live a life of Action vs Ideas
  3. How to organize yourself for CEO level success
  4. How to be 10x more productive than others
  5. How to complete tasks 9x faster
  6. How to train yourself for success
  7. 8 ways to achieve success
  8. 5 quotes that help me achieve anything
  9. How to make mistakes that help you succeed
  10. How to train yourself to believe in your capability

How to turn your current job into passive income

  1. How to digitize any job
  2. How to make money by providing value
  3. 10 ways to consistently make 5k a month
  4. Turn your day job into a business

How to use AI to make money

  1. 10 tools that help you make money while you sleep
  2. How I made $1200 selling AI art
  3. How I make 600k a year using AI (content writing, that drives traffic that sellsa product, orb etc)
  4. I tried these 10 AI tools so you don’t have to
  5. 8 ways to incorporate AI in your life today
  6. 10 Way to make money using AI
  7. 7 mistakes to avoid when using AI for making money