Avail Review: Unbiased Deep Dive into Tenant Screening Services

Evaluating rental property management software is essential for landlords looking to streamline their operations. Among these tools, Avail stands out as a robust platform tailored to improve the experience of both landlords and tenants. Offering features that cover the entire tenancy cycle, from listing properties and screening potential renters to facilitating lease agreements and managing maintenance requests, Avail aims to simplify property management.

Avail has made a name for itself with user-centric design, providing a straightforward experience that attracts landlords of all scales. Whether managing a single property or a portfolio, the platform’s guided processes and comprehensive features promote efficiency. Cost plays a pivotal role in tool selection, and Avail accommodates various budgets with different pricing tiers, ensuring that there’s an option suitable for your specific property management needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Avail offers comprehensive management tools for landlords and tenants.
  • The platform caters to various landlord needs, from listing to lease management.
  • Avail provides different pricing plans to accommodate diverse budgets.

Overview of Avail

As you explore property management solutions, Avail emerges as a robust option offering comprehensive services for both landlords and tenants. This platform streamlines various aspects of property management, providing a suite of tools designed to simplify the rental process.

Services and Features

Avail is an online property management software that offers a variety of services to assist you in efficiently managing your rental properties. Key features include:

  • Tenant Screening: In-depth background checks to ensure reliable tenant selection.
  • Online Rent Collection: Simplifies the rent payment process with digital transactions.
  • Lease Creation: State-specific, customizable lease agreements at your fingertips.

Landlord Benefits

As a landlord using Avail, you benefit from:

  • A user-friendly dashboard that visually organizes your tasks and information.
  • Competitive pricing, enhancing the affordability of managing your property.
  • Customer support recognized for its excellence and responsiveness.

Tenant Advantages

Tenants are not left out when it comes to the advantages of Avail. Key benefits you can expect include:

  • Simplified rent payment process via an accessible online platform.
  • A straightforward and transparent application and leasing procedure.
  • Reliable communication tools for a direct line to landlords for queries and requests.

How Avail Simplifies Property Management

Avail provides a suite of online tools designed to streamline various aspects of property management, making the experience more efficient for both landlords and tenants. From rent collection to tenant screening, the platform aims to simplify and automate the most time-consuming tasks.

Streamlined Rent Collection

With Avail, you can set up automated rent collection, reducing the hassle of manual payment reminders and checks. Tenants can pay their rent online via ACH transfers directly from their bank account, and you’ll get real-time notifications when payments are made. Avail also allows for the flexibility of partial payments, helping you to manage and track rent payments efficiently.

Tenant Acquisition and Screening

You can easily create and advertise property listings to find potential tenants. Avail helps with tenant screening by providing an integrated application process, where prospects can submit their information. You’ll have access to comprehensive background checks, including credit history, criminal records, and eviction reports, which Avail compiles into easy-to-read reports, helping you make informed decisions.

Maintenance and Communication Tools

Maintenance management is streamlined through Avail’s platform. Tenants can submit maintenance requests online, and you can keep track of these through the maintenance tracking feature. Avail offers a centralized communication hub, ensuring messages between you and your tenants remain organized and accessible, making the entire property management process clearer and more direct.

Tenancy Lifecycle Management

Effective tenancy lifecycle management involves establishing a secure, streamlined process from the moment a property is listed to the collection of rent and security deposits. Tools that facilitate digital leases and state-specific lease compliance can significantly enhance your experience as a landlord.

Creating Lease Agreements

When you create lease agreements, you have access to customizable lease templates that ensure compliance with relevant state-specific laws. This feature simplifies the process of drafting digital leases that are legally binding and tailored to your property’s needs. The security and ease with which you can generate these documents reflect the robustness of the lease management capabilities of the software.

Rental Applications and Listings

Your rental listings can be easily created and published across multiple platforms, including top real estate websites. The syndication of listings ensures a wider audience and a more effective tenant search. As you receive rental applications, the software lets you screen applicants with ease, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding potential tenants.

Rent and Security Deposits

The software offers tools to securely and efficiently collect rent and security deposits directly into your account. This not only provides convenience but also reduces the margin for error and delays associated with traditional payment methods. All transactions are designed to be safe and secure, giving both you and your tenants peace of mind.

Pricing and Plans

When considering Avail for your property management needs, you’ll find the platform offers competitive pricing with two main subscription tiers designed to suit various landlord requirements, from single-unit owners to multiple property managers.

Subscription Options

Unlimited Plan: At the core of Avail’s pricing is the Unlimited Plan which is set at $0 per month, aiming to be accessible for landlords on a budget. This free plan includes:

  • Syndicated Listings
  • Credit and Criminal Screenings
  • State-specific Leases
  • Online Rent Payments

Unlimited Plus Plan: For those requiring additional features like next-day rent payments, Avail’s Unlimited Plus is priced at $5 per unit, per month. This plan encompasses everything in the Unlimited Plan with enhancements that include:

  • FastPay for next-day rent payments
  • CreditBoost to report rent payments to credit bureaus
  • ACH fees are reduced

Additional Avail Services

Apart from the main plans, Avail offers supplementary services to further assist you in effectively managing your rental properties:

  • Rent Price Analysis: Understand the market better and set competitive rent prices.
  • ACH Fees: While there is a $2 banking fee associated with the free plan, ACH fees are lower if you choose the Unlimited Plus Plan.

By selecting the right plan and services, you can streamline your property management process and ensure a better experience for both you and your tenants while keeping your expenses within budget.

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